Keeping up with the Joneses of digital media is tough. In my nonprofit job, I was not able to focus my efforts on social media, which I needed to grow our fans and followers. I often complained that I needed a dedicated digital strategist to focus on our efforts because digital was often the first thing that fell off my plate when things got busy. But when we were busy was when we needed social the most! I also had a side business that I knew would only grow if I promoted our products. If you can relate to this scenario, welcome to the club of well-intentioned strategists with too little time and too many priorities. With this experience in mind, I started DQB Strategies focused on supporting small businesses in their digital marketing efforts.

Every business is unique but has the same goal of standing out in a rapidly growing market for goods and services. DQB Strategies will help you grow your digital reputation. Because growth and success looks different for every business, we have a variety of services that we will tailor to your business. Maybe you need help putting together an annual calendar for your marketing efforts. Maybe you need a crash course or on-going training about how to promote your business on social media. Maybe you want us to  take over your entire digital media strategy for you. Whatever your goal is, we will create a support package that will help you reach your marketing goals.

You may decide not to hire us, and that’s ok. We started this business to help business owners, not to get filthy rich. Even if you think you don’t have a penny to spend on hiring a marketing professional, reach out to us if you are struggling with your marketing. We are always willing to provide a free consultation and some helpful ideas to get you going on your own. If you have a tiny budget, let us know, we’ll create a custom plan that you can afford to grow your business.

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