Help with Social Media: Weekly Content Calendar

It is important to create a content calendar to help you manage your social media. A content calendar makes your job easier and makes you more efficient when you are already short on time. Here is a quick, general content calendar to help you get started thinking about what your calendar should look like:

Meet the Team/Meet the Company Monday

Talk about your business, your team, or the owners. Make a personal connection so people can relate to you and feel connected with you.

Tidbit Tuesday*

Point out the services that you offer or the products that you sell. You can talk about your core vision, your values, your mission. You can talk about what motivates you, why you like to do what you do, what gets you out of bed in the morning… Tidbit Tuesday is about informing your audience about your business and helping them to feel connected to you so that they are compelled to choose you over your competitors.

Witty Wednesday

Focus on something light hearted, and you share a joke or a funny meme from your industry. You don’t want to sell your product all day every day on social media. Your customers want to know that you care about them and providing entertainment, value, as well as promotions about your product or service.

Photo Thursday

Social media is visual, so aim to inspire people with pictures of your work, products, or services. Maybe you’ve got incredible product photography or maybe you have sunsets over your venue that are just exquisite. Find a visual draw for people to want to stop and look at your posts.

Fact Friday

People like to learn and want to know more about your business to get to know you. Give them helpful information going into the weekend. Give people a sneak peek into your trade. For instance, if you have a cleaning company, you could give cleaning tips and hacks. You don’t have to give your entire business away, but give people a little bit that they can do on their own let them know that you are you are here to help them.

Selfie Saturday

On Saturdays, you could share more about your company’s personality. If you have an in-person company, you could post before and after photos of a project you’ve worked on so that people can see what you’re capable of. If you have live music or special events on Saturdays, you can post pictures and videos from your events.

Talk to Me Sunday

On Sundays you can post trying to get engagement. Ask a question or take a poll with your audience. Ask people whether they prefer carpet or hardwood or tile (if you are in real estate), ask whether people prefer regular coffee or decaf coffee or what their favorite coffee flavor (coffee industry). Ask questions to get people to engage with you. Note: do not do high- engagement posts on the weekend if you are not going to be near your phone to respond to people’s comments and engagement. You want to respond as quickly as possible, so move your engagement days to weekdays if you need to.

*Note: In your post, you don’t have to say “Today is Tidbit Tuesday, and we are going to talk about…” Just use these content categories as a framework help guide you internally.