Social Media: Mobile vs. Desktop

Pro tip: Every social media platform looks different depending on if you are using a smart phone or a computer. Unfortunately, it is not only the appearance that is different; the functionalities are different, too. Here are a few examples:

  • If you want to post to Instagram and Facebook with one step, you can do it from mobile or desktop. If you are on a mobile device, you have to create your post in Instagram and tell it to also publish to Facebook. If you are on a computer, you have to create the post in Facebook and tell it to also publish to Instagram. Make sense? No, not to us, either, but that is the rule.
  • You cannot post directly to Instagram from your computer (unless you have a Mac and use this super cool hack!)
  • If you want to add temporary service changes (maybe your hours have changed as a result of the pandemic), you can only do that on the Facebook app. On the desktop version, you can adjust your regular hours, but not your temporary changes.
  • Facebook Insights are more limited on mobile compared to the desktop version. Insights are not available at all on the Instagram desktop version.
  • To manage your whole Facebook and Instagram business pages on your phone, you need to download the Facebook Pages app. On the computer, you can do it on

There are so many quirks and nuances with posting to Facebook and Instagram from your computer compared to your phone. If you have questions or need help figuring something out, give us a call at (512) 285-6196.