Tools for Organizing Your Business

Getting started with social media and digital marketing takes time and can be overwhelming. Promoting your business is important and having the tools in place to make that an easy, streamlined process will make your life much easier. We have compiled some of our favorite resources for digital marketers to set their strategic plan confidently.


If you have post-it notes all over your desk and pads of paper everywhere with your lists, we recommend taking your lists digital. For those paper lovers (we are guilty, too!), it’s a hard transition to make, but well worth it. Having a digital to-do list keeps everything in one place and makes your list accessible anywhere you go because, let’s face it, you come up with amazing ideas when you are everywhere except your desk…

Clickup is the tool I use to keep organized with all my business tasks. I have folders where I sort tasks by client as well as a place I can take notes during meetings. Tasks can be set to recurring, can have deadlines (even TIME deadlines!), and everything is searchable.

Airtable is a very, very fancy spreadsheet. You can assign tags to sort your tasks and link tasks to other places in your project lists. I used a sheet to keep my monthly social media posting calendar organized, and my posts would link to another sheet that had the full post, link details, and include the photos I was going to use. I could also include check boxes in the sheet, so when I scheduled a post, it would be marked complete and move it to the bottom of the row, so I could still access it, but it wasn’t in plain view. If you have an analytical brain, this is a great tool for keeping organized!

Social Media Scheduling

There are SO MANY dang social media scheduling tools out there. They all have their own versions of good and bad. I have tried a ton of them and don’t have enough room in this post to talk about them all, so here are a few of my favorites that work really well for a variety of different clients I’ve worked with. Most schedulers offer a freemium pricing strategy, which means that they are free, with limited options. For some, those free options are enough. You can always start with the free and upgrade as you decide that you want the paid features.

NOTE: One of the most important considerations when choosing a social media scheduler is whether it direct publishes to Instagram. Pay attention to this! Not all tools can publish directly to Instagram, so whereas on Facebook you can create your post, upload your photo, and schedule when you want it to publish, Instagram is not the same. Instagram has only chosen a select group of scheduling apps that can do that. Others allow you to “schedule” the post, but then they send you a notification on their app on your phone when it’s time to actually schedule it. You see that notification, tell it you want to publish, and the app copies everything to your pasteboard. You open Instagram, paste it, and it gets published by you. I never was at my phone at the time I wanted things published, so they ended up going out at all hours of the day. If that’s not a problem for you or you don’t use Instagram, disregard the last paragraph.

Hootsuite is a great scheduling program that’s been in the game for a long time. The interface is not the most beautiful, but it has the functionality. You can track hashtags, keep up with your brand’s social media mentions, and schedule posts.

Later has an incredibly easy interface to use. Later allows you to drag and drop your posts on the date and time you want to schedule, which is an awesome feature. You can also upload lots of photos to keep handy in the tool so that you don’t have to search your phone or computer each time you want to schedule a post.

PromoRepublic is a name I had never heard of before I got a coupon code to use it. I’ve since upgraded the plan I am on and use it to schedule social media for all my clients. It has a drag and drop feature and calendar layout like Later and suggests content based on the industry of the social media account. It also has its own creative studio in the app, so you don’t have to create designs in Canva and upload them to your scheduling tool. It saves those steps, and I love it.

Canva is not a social media scheduling tool, but it allows you to create graphics and images for your social media posts. It is very easy to use and has lots of possibilities. You can use a template designed by Canva or start from scratch and do your own thing. You can also create videos, posters, postcards, business cards, and lots of other print materials in the program.

Connecting Apps and Processes

Zapier is a phenomenal tool that connects other tools. It uses code and API keys to connect one app or software you use to another. Are you confused yet? Don’t let the abstract talk of code confuse you. Zapier allows you to make different systems you are using talk to each other. If you have ever wished that your Google Calendar could sync to your Airtable to create events so that you didn’t have to duplicate efforts and type things twice, you are in luck. Airtable is an automation tool that will change your life. Maybe you want to post your Mailchimp email marketing campaigns directly to your WordPress website. Totally possible with Zapier. Go sign up; you’re going to love how simple it can make your life.

We hope this brings more confidence to your next steps. If you still feel stuck and overwhelmed, give us a call. We are here to help you get organized to manage your own online presence or to take that burden away completely and manage it for you. Give us a call at (512) 285-6196.

*Some of the links in this post contain affiliate marketing links, which means I could receive a commission if you sign up for a paid subscription. Please know that I only post about services that I have used and truly recommend to folks. The commission is just an added bonus if you decide to sign up with them.